Naked Trees & Spring Cleaning

For some reason, as I sit by my window, watching the world around me thaw out from another Midwestern winter, I can’t help but feel like a naked tree. It’s true that I purposely asked my mother for a random topic to blog about since my website is dangerously close to surpassing even a stagnate state. But even so, when she threw the not-so-creative “leafless … Continue reading Naked Trees & Spring Cleaning

Pawtographs and a Writing Plan

A while ago my dog, Woogie, had a cartoon caricature drawn of him by artist Char Reed. Her new book, Cartoon Animal Friends, was in the early stages of the publication process and she was looking for volunteers to submit animal pictures to be used as the inspiration for the step-by-step demonstrations in the book. Long story short, I submitted a little later than requested, … Continue reading Pawtographs and a Writing Plan

Something to Whine – I Mean Write About

My desk is up against the window and has been since I moved into my apartment over a year ago. Sadly, I am just now noticing how painfully bright the sun can be during my attempts to write after work. This means, that as long as I’ve lived here, I’ve only just now gotten into the groove of sitting down and writing at my desk, … Continue reading Something to Whine – I Mean Write About