Pawtographs and a Writing Plan

A while ago my dog, Woogie, had a cartoon caricature drawn of him by artist Char Reed. Her new book, Cartoon Animal Friends, was in the early stages of the publication process and she was looking for volunteers to submit animal pictures to be used as the inspiration for the step-by-step demonstrations in the book. Long story short, I submitted a little later than requested, … Continue reading Pawtographs and a Writing Plan

New Year’s Lightening Bugs

Today there are hundreds of New Year’s resolutions floating around the atmosphere, let alone plastered all over the Facebook universe. Some are backed by good intentions, lifelong desires, and even more from spur of the moment interests. Regardless of where these resolutions stem from, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to bottle up all these grand expectations or wishful thoughts or … Continue reading New Year’s Lightening Bugs

Not-So-Strange Strangers in a Coffee Shop

So I received some holiday cheer a bit early this year when I opened my mailbox and found a free Starbucks gift card. Yay! Though I’m not a big fan of coffee, I’m a complete sucker for their Carmel Apple Spice drink and a free gift card is a free gift card, am I right? Well during my liaison with a certain venti cup filled … Continue reading Not-So-Strange Strangers in a Coffee Shop