britt_profileWhimsical Version:
I’m the girl that lives in reality but never stops dreaming. I’m the reader that spills endless tears for people I’ve only ever met in books and writes of journeys embarked upon through imagination, seeking an honest truth. I’m the woman who wishes with a child’s glee, loves with a fully brimming heart, and laughs with the gusto of a thousand jiggling bellies. I still believe in the magic of shooting stars, a forever kind of love, and the perfection found in a bad world struggling to be good. I am me and this is my journey of a writer’s self-discovery.

Realistic Version:
I was born and raised in the Midwest (USA) and lived most of my life swimming in the Great Lakes. When I was 18, I hopped on the college bandwagon and graduated four years later. I still currently reside somewhere in Midwestern America and am working at a real job, full time, to pay the bills. In the meantime, I’m still avidly daydreaming of becoming a published author, pretending to write but mostly procrastinating, and laughing at myself for trying to do it all.


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