When I first started out, I had the grand idea that this would be a blog completely dedicated to my adventures as a writer. I wanted it to track my progress from a state of Little Miss Unknown to a later state of slightly less relative obscurity, where people might know who I am, because I’ve hopefully published something that someone besides my friends or family would read. I had big plans of blogging advice and revolving my entire website around the writing process. This has since changed, though the premise of my blog has not.

I still want to dedicate this website to my adventures as a writer, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be stuck solely discussing the ins and outs of the writely world. Instead, this outlet is going to be exactly as it suggests: the ramblings of a writer. This means I’ll be discussing anything and everything that seems to affect me as a writer, but more primarily as a human being. Whether it be my emotional struggles, my personal triumphs, or just plain boredom – it’ll all be here.

A professor once told me to take a few years off after college, just so I could experience life. I never really understood that. I assumed he meant live at home, mooch off my parents, and write – which was far from possible since I’ve always had financial obligations and familial responsibilities. Now however, I understand completely what he meant. There’s so much I haven’t done or experienced and there’s so much that I can’t wait to embark upon, all of which, is a part of living life. Something I’ve never really had the opportunity to do while stuck in a classroom.

Lately, I find myself not wanting to write because I find that I’d rather be doing something worth writing about later on in my life. In a lot of ways, I’m still not convinced that I’m ready to write the next big epic. That’s fine. I still feel like I have many, many more miles ahead of me before I ever get wherever it is that I’m going. But this is my tool, the one I’ve decided to use to show the rest of the world my personal journey. Whether the end result is publication or not, I’ll have told some story… even if it’s just my own.

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