Fantasy in My Heart

There’s a chill in the air but nothing but fantasy in my heart.

I absolutely love today! Not because it’s Halloween or because the weather is a dreary kind of perfect but because, for the first time in a very long time, I feel more than just “fine.” It’s like I’m a sprite full of mischief and adventure – not waiting for fun to find me, but searching for it all on my own.

I’m in love with how I feel today.

The last two years have been a struggle. The kind that forever leaves you changed, and not always for the better. With everything that’s happened, the scariest part was the realization that I was losing the magic of life. I was losing my childlike dreams and aspirations. It’s like I was giving in to finally being a monotonous adult.

Fantasy in My HeartBut not anymore.

The last few weeks have changed me. I’m finally starting to feel light again.

I’m dreaming of writing books again and fantasizing about the chaos my characters will jump into head-first. There’s a zing in the air that’s shocking me back to life. That’s encouraging me to be a stronger character in my own life story. It’s equally beautiful and freeing, all at once.

The mystical nature of life is once again drawing my attention away from the harshness that often permeates adulthood. And I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to dream like anything is possible. To find fun in getting dressed up. To bask in the laughter of others. To share in a moment that isn’t wholly your own but all too human.

Today is the accumulation of so many imperfect moments full of whimsy and magic. My chest tightens at the knowledge that there’s finally true fantasy in my heart once again. I’m a pixie with her wings, a sorceress with her magic, and a human with her dreams.

I’m dreaming again.

Dream with me.

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