A Tip or Two From Writer Dean Nelson

Dean NelsonOn Saturday I accepted my award at the National Native Media Awards Banquet before saying toodle-loo completely to the Excellence in Journalism 2017 Conference.

The conference had a lot to offer freelancers and new recruits, while also giving a decent variety of presentations to those of us who weren’t necessarily there to get nabbed by a bigger flagship. I was heartily grateful for that, as I found myself with enough free time to really draw upon the ideas presented to me in each session, without being too crammed for time to prepare and get to my next one.

One particular speaker that really gave me pause for thought and left me with a ton of ideas, was Dean Nelson. The majority of his time was spent discussing how to interview reluctant people, which is common in my profession to the extreme, but what made it really stand out were the people he interviewed. After all, the majority of the people he showed interview clips of were well-known authors!

writer dean nelsonThis obviously excited me because I was able to learn something about my passion, writing and books, while attending this conference that was meant to educate me in my career field which is largely journalism related. Yet, I left so inspired and filled with new ideas that I almost forgot that I was there for work!

Regardless of why I was there, I was eagerly forming a new game plan for my website after leaving the session with Dean. After all, a few weeks ago I decided to revitalize my writing career under my pseudonym and, in doing so, I know how critical it is that I continue to formulate and improve upon a game plan for success.

One of my brainstorms, prior to the conference, was to start interviewing people in the publishing industry. But, after having gone to the conference, I now have a way better action plan and niche in mind that will be easier for me to appeal to during my website revamping efforts.

All in all, I’d call that a win in my book.

You know, the book that isn’t published yet…


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