Poolside With My Old Man

Nothing beats writing while poolside.

*I’ve recently taken on a second full-time job to help with – you got it – bills!

Although there have been a few other perks, such as getting to meet new people  and hearing hilarious stories that may or may not make it into one of my books someday – all in all, it’s an extra job that takes away from my “free” time.

I got lucky though, I was able to nab a job being a pool monitor. And, let me tell you, not all jobs are as cushy as this one. But, that story will come at a later date. For now, I want to fill you in on a little something that my dad said to me yesterday.

After walking The Beast, I went to patrol the pool like I usually do every night. Whilst lounging in a poolside chair, my phone rang and my dad was on the other line. I hadn’t talked to him in a while, so I was eager to chat and fill him in on all the tid bits I’d been texting him over the week.

As per usual, we discussed some of our favorite topics: The crazy antics of Sam and Dean Winchester, the uproariously funny mischief that our pets seem to get into, and how the state of our economy is not cool for our pocket books.

Amidst all the chit chat, I happened to tell my dad about finally purchasing the domain name for my website: BrittaHages.com. We had discussed domain names and possibly pseudonyms a while back, but I’d never actually gotten around to telling him that I finally made the plunge.

Ultimately, he was happy and delighted with the name because, like me, he appreciated the symbolism behind it. (To be explained in another blog post.)

Naturally, this topic led my dad to ask me if I’d been writing lately. To which I had to explain that with two 40-hour jobs, that was near impossible. And, when I had finally bought the domain name (before the second job had conveniently landed in my lap) I had acquired the services of a designer to help “freshen” it up. Likewise, I’d had the intention of completely revamping the website and to start writing and marketing myself regularly.

But then the second job happened.

And I got tired.

And my dog was lonely for me.

And I was lonely for him.

And a major freelance writing deadline was past due.

So, I ignored my website.

But my dad surprised me. In a no-big-deal kind of way, he simply told me: “You should quit the pool job and focus on your writing. People like you have really good talent and you need to build it up, so that eventually you don’t need another job.”

Woah – what?!

Can you say whiplash?

First off, my dad has never encouraged me to not work. In fact, he’s always been giving me the don’t-be-a-deadweight-or-mooch lecture. So, to hear him actually tell me to quit a job was like hearing Beyonce say, “You’re not a survivor.”

Secondly, it was a very ooh-and-ahh kind of moment. My dad had basically just said that I’m not completely delusional when I tell people that maybe… quite possibly… I’d make a good writer.

Third, and most important, my dad pretty much took the words out of my mouth – I need to start building up my writing platform.

Does that mean that I’m going to quit my job? Probably not. I’ve already made the commitment so, I’m going to stick with it. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t make the most of my time.

For instance, as I sit here writing, I’m lounging poolside with an umbrella for shade. As far as offices go – it’s not half bad. It might be hot out and I may be squinting at my laptop’s screen just to see the sentence I’m writing – but the point is that I am actually making time to write.

So there, universe! This is one girl who’s taking her daddy’s advice – so you better watch out!


*Side note: I wrote this a year ago and forgot to post it. As an update of sorts, soon after writing this, I moved to another state, started a new job and, by a quirk of fate, ended up having to deal with a medical crisis. Here’s to me picking up where this bad boy of a blog post left off!

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