Freelance Writing Opportunity

Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market

If you’ve stalked read my blog long enough then you’ll know that I’m desperate overly eager to get some of my work published under my pseudonym: Britta Hages. Up until now, all of my writing, both fiction and non-fiction, has been published with my real name in the byline.

Which is great – awesome, even – after all, I’ll never forget what it felt like the first time I saw my name and my words in print. It was euphoric, really.

But, for the longest time, I’ve wanted to separate my writing career away from my professional publishing career. Maybe, one day, I’ll write an entire post on why I chose to go the route of a pseudonym but, for now, suffice it to say that I’m finally getting my chance at a publication with the name Britta Hages accredited.

So, without further adieu, I’m happy to announce that I have officially been given a freelance writing opportunity to write a non-fiction piece for the annual publication of the Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market (AGDM) book. (This is the sister art book to the Writer’s Market books! Which, I’m sure, all of you writers out there know about.)

Though I’m striving to get my fiction published, I feel like this is a great opportunity that I simply just cannot pass up. I know many writers who would give anything to have their work published in a market book and trust me when I say I’m one of them!

Thankfully, I was able to pitch an article idea to the editor of the market books and she liked it enough to want to see it in one of the books. I’ve also thrown other feature ideas her way, but most of those are still rough possibilities that may or may not ever come into fruition.

Right now I’m only in the early stages of writing for AGDM. I’ve narrowed down the article idea and I’ve contacted potential interview subjects. Everything seems to be coming together for this project which is due relatively soonish. Then, once I hand it off to the editor, I’ll have to wait a long while before the book gets published in the 2017 edition.

But it’ll be worth it to see Britta Hages in print for the first time.

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