I Won the Lottery!

Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

Calm down. Just breathe.

To clarify, I did not win the Powerball. (I know, I know – how disappointing. Now, just imagine how I feel!)

Did I get you, though? Yeah, I totally did.

However, when I said lottery, I meant the writing lottery. What’s that, you ask?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I just made it up. Though, I’m sure, many before me have used the same phrase. Maybe with a different application in mind, but nevertheless…

I have won the writing lottery.

No, I have not made big money off of one of my published books. I haven’t even published a novel, yet. Neither have I actually wrote and completed a full-length piece that I would deem worthy of gracing the shelves of any bookstore. In fact, I don’t even have a completed rough draft. Oy vay, talk about making me feel bad!

So how, pray tell, have I won the writing lottery?

Simple: My writing buddy is awesome… To the fourth power.

As you may not know, because you haven’t been following my blog like you probably should be, I recently (like a year ago) started sharing my work with a new writing buddy. (You can find her by clicking here.)

Although we’d been acquaintances for about a year, we kind of just stayed out of each other’s lives. Then we eventually floated from being in each other’s peripheral vision to being right in one another’s direct line of site. With a combination of timing, magic, and a dash of friendship, we somehow started hanging out and chatting more. Which obviously evolved into us sharing our work with one another.

To our dismay, we’ve tried ever since to keep each other on track and have thus far been horribly unsuccessful. Usually only one of us will participate in the set “writing goals” and the other will flake. Or we’ll both make excuses. Or not, and just ignore the very bar that we oh-so-excitedly set earlier that day.

Basically, we are a horrible mess of epic fails.

But, regardless of all that, I still stand by my previous statement: I totally hit the writing lottery.

As the New Year approached, we both ended 2015 with lots of pent up exasperation from the events that the year had thrown at us. Amidst all of this, we were both inspired to be better versions of ourselves for 2016 and, if not, to at least have a little fun creatively. I suggested to Noel (said writing buddy), that we start a joint writing project that was more of a means to get our creative juices flowing and to spark some sort of inspiration for one of our “more important” personal stories.

Well… that didn’t last long.

What started out as a story that one of us would start and pass to the other after implementing several funny words, quickly evolved into a complicated but structured world of epic proportions. Within the blink of an eye, something that started out as casual and fun became seriously fun.

After days of brainstorming and many lunches at our favorite hotspot (McAllister’s, Whoo!) we final created an urban fantasy realm worthy of writing about. Now, I’m not going to play around – I was seriously afraid that we’d fall into old patterns of saying and not doing. Something, I’m sure, that many aspiring writers can easily relate to.

This was especially a worry of mine because I’m supposedly scheduled to write the first chapter – which is a scary undertaking as many scenarios ran through my head. First and foremost, would I actually stick to it and write the first chapter? Or would my character’s voice be too unbelievable? Would Noel read the first chapter and secretly think I’m a horrible storyteller? Am I a horrible storyteller?

So much negativity and doubt ran through my mind.

Which brings me to why I think I won the writing lottery. My writing partner in crime (sorry, Woogie) has gone above and beyond to make it seem like what I have to write is actually interesting. Even though, deep down, I know she’s probably just overdosing on Vitamin D from our daily walks.

Hello anxiety, thou art moi.

Over the last few days, I’ve pretty much sent Noel a story here, a story there, there a story, here a story – you get it, right? I’ve sent her everything but the actual first chapter of our compilation.

But has she bugged me? No. (Well, maybe a little…)

Has she told me I’m useless? No.

Has she questioned my sincerity? No.

None of my worst fears (well, fears relating to a writing partnership) have come true. The very opposite has happened. She actually told me she likes my writing samples that I’ve been sending to her. And she’s created a Story Bible for our book. And she’s recently sent me a short story from her main character’s perspective!


Just… wow.

I think, more than anything, her commitment to making this book come into fruition is the biggest motivator I need. She believes in the story. She believes in her character and in mine. And most importantly, by believing these things, she believes in me.

So, I say again, I definitely won the writing lottery.

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