Pawtographs and a Writing Plan

A while ago my dog, Woogie, had a cartoon caricature drawn of him by artist Char Reed. Her new book, Cartoon Animal Friends, was in the early stages of the publication process and she was looking for volunteers to submit animal pictures to be used as the inspiration for the step-by-step demonstrations in the book. Long story short, I submitted a little later than requested, but Woogie still got his picture drawn and is now considered a bonus feature on the publisher’s website – YAY! (You can find the demo by clicking here.)

As if Woogie didn’t already suffer from an overdose of the Napoleon complex, breaking this news to him had him madly running and barking all over the house. I didn’t even realize his ego could get any bigger! But, regardless of my dog’s inflated sense of self-importance, as my mother put it, she now has a famous granddog. Which means that I now have a famous dog. (Please, please – stop shoving. Woogie is not signing pawtographs at this time.)

Which also means that my dog is probably more famous than me on the Internet. (Insert face palm.)

To be fair, my name has been printed in books and I’ve written many articles across the great, wide web – so it’s not like I’m non-existent. But the truth of the matter is that everything, thus far, has been published under my real name. Which, though I love my name, I’ve decided not to use to advance my own writing career as an author. As an editor, journalist, blogger, or what-have-you, I don’t mind. But, when it comes to actually having my content published, I’ve long since decided to use a pseudonym. So, in a way, Woogie is actually more famous than me.


I guess I need to kick my butt into gear and start writing again. It helps that it’s the new year and change is oh-so-naturally in the air. It also helps that my writing buddy (who you can find by clicking here) and I created, yet again, a writing plan to help us to get back on track. So far it’s sort of working. (Ha!)

Essentially, we’ve agreed upon four writing stipulations:

  1. We have to write, freestyle, for 15 minutes everyday.
  2. One of us starts and has 72 hours to write a blog post and publish it on our website. Once we publish the post, we have to “tag” the other person and then they have 72 hours to write up a post and publish it on their blog. And so on and so on.
  3. We have to write at least one chapter for our compilation book. In other words, we’ve decided to write a book together and in order to make sure we’re actually progressing, we each need to write a minimum of one chapter a month.
  4. We have to complete either one chapter or one short story of our own (aka outside of our compilation novel).

It seems like a lot, while, at the same time, it feels very minimal compared to what you’d expect. It’s been going good so far – in that I’ve actually been blogging. I haven’t started on any writing projects yet and tonight is the big night for my first 15 minutes of writing freestyle. My fingers are crossed and a lot of prayers are going up to the Creator that this is one plan that I stick to throughout the year. However, to be completely honest, if I stick to only one of these four things – I’d be happy.

But, let’s get back to Woogie…

If anyone’s interested, he’ll be at the bark park signing pawtographs this Saturday.


Click here for the step-by-step art tutorial on how to draw Woogie.
Click here for more posts about Woogie.

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