Crock-Pot Dinner

Today I used my new Crock-Pot for the first time and when I came home from work, I immediately started drooling over the mouth-watering fragrance in the air.

That doesn’t happen often. In fact, it hasn’t happened at all since I moved into my new apartment. I haven’t been greeted by the smell of a pre-made meal in my own house since the last time my mother came for a visit.

It’s a tough world out there when you’re fending for yourself. Most days, I either have to cook dinner, pick something up from a restaurant, or starve. I won’t regale you of all the times I went with the latter option…

Suffice it to say, my day was made as soon as I realized that all I had to do was scoop up a bowl of chow. There was no prepping. No watching the stove. No nothing.

It was as if the magic of Hogwarts had finally entered my life! (Ha! I wish.)

It’s funny how I completely forgot that I actually did do a lot of work. For one, I had to get up earlier than usual – which is no easy fête for someone like me. The very idea of opening my eyelids a mere minute earlier than my normal tête-à-tête with life usually has me spiraling into a two-year-old tantrum-throwing state of mind.

Then there was the little duty of actually having to prep the food for the Crock-Pot. You know, cutting things up, thawing things out the night before, and all that jazz. I mean seriously, I’m not an overly happy person in the morning – the last thing I need is a knife in my hand.

So really, a lot of work went into this meal. A lot of prep work.

As a professional in the publishing world, I can’t help but acknowledge the similarities this Crock-Pot analogy has with the publishing process. As any writer can verify, 90% of the hard work comes during the earliest part of the publishing process. These early stages are for outlines and page plans, the back and forth interplay of editor and writer as they linger over first, second, and third drafts, the final designs of the book and cover, the copyedit, proofread and so on. Eventually, when all this stuff has been compiled and addressed, that’s when the finished manuscript is finally handed over to production to “stew.”

And I’ve got to say, if the aroma of a newly printed book is anything like the finished meal boiling in my Crock-Pot, then I definitely have something to look forward to.

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