What Qualifies?

I don’t know how, but I’m doing it.

About a week ago, I officially put my mental foot down and told myself that I needed to start writing again. (Yay, me!)

And, although it’s been extremely slow going, I seem to be making steady progress on the writing front. Now, when I say progress, I mean that I am writing a little of something every day. Although I would love to say my writing is all for my stories – that would be a lie. In the past week, I’ve fluctuated between writing blog posts, sections in my stories, and letters to loved ones.

That may not seem like a big accomplishment to those of you out there whipping through chapters upon chapters of novel-worthy text, but to me it feels like I’m climbing Mt. Everest and, although I’m nowhere near the peak, at least I can see the mountain, right?

So here I sit, writing a blog post. Who knows if anyone will see it? What will it matter in the long run? But then again, who knows if anyone will ever be interested in the novel I eventually write one day? Basically, there’s a lot to think about. Such as: Am I really a writer?

I once read somewhere (a published author’s blog whose name I can’t seem to remember) that as long as you write even one word a day, then you can call yourself a writer. Well, that’s all good and dandy but are you really? Over this past week, I’ve had to tackle feelings of inadequacy in being one of these supposed writers. Especially since what I’ve been writing lately isn’t all going towards the advancement of my stories.

Regardless, I’m happy to call myself a writer again – even if it’s by mere technicality. After talking it over with my new writing buddy (you can find her HERE), I’m comfortable to say that even if I’m just contributing new material to my novels one or two days a week, I’m still making an effort worthy of being called a writer.

So a writer I am.

Eventually, I’d love to get back to writing a little bit towards my novels every day. But for right now, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m just happy to be typing away again, even if it feels like I keep hitting the backspace key more than any of the others.

But hey, at least I remember my password – which is more than I could say a week ago.

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