So I left. I dropped off of the face of this cyber planet and I return now to tell my tale. No, it’s nothing so daring and adventurous but, honestly, it kind of is. At least, it is/was for me.

If you didn’t garner enough information from my last posts, then let me assure you my life has changed drastically in the last seven months. Primarily, I got a semi-dream job, moved out of state, said sayonara to the fam, hello independence (aka more bills), and who am I kidding – freaked like a twi-hard stepping foot in Forks, Washington for the first time. And yes, I just went there.

Anyways, my life has been crazy hectic the last few months. I’m not making excuses, even though I kind of am, I’m just letting the cyber world at large know that I’m still pondering the mysteries of my life via a social medium filled to the brim with eager followers – none of which are following me. But I digress.

My life is good. Like freakishly, it’s-too-good-to-be-true good. Now, I’m not rubbing it in anyone’s face, in fact, I’m doing the exact opposite. I’m scared shitless that at any given moment my new boss is going to call me up and fire me, or my car is going to go kaput and I’ll still have five years of payments left to figure out, or maybe the apocalypse everyone’s been waiting for is finally going to come right when I’m starting to use up the credit I’ve spent forever trying to build… Basically I’m thinking like I usually do.

So this is me welcoming myself back to the cyber world. I knew when everything started snowballing that I’d be taking a break. No biggie, I felt more guilt then anything – not because I was letting my followers down because, let’s face it, I have like one or maybe two – okay, three (if you count how much I go back and reread my own stuff). But anyways, I felt the most guilt because I had just started blogging – just started to experiment with a new social networking site but left all too early. Don’t get me wrong, it was the best damn decision of my life. I rather live life then blog about it… which could be awkward for some of you hardcore internet geeks.

And… I think I might have just lost my two followers.

Either way, I’m back to say hello there (Imagine Mr. Doubtfire’s voice. Why, you ask? Why not?) and I’ll be seeing you soon, you know, now that I actually have working internet again and now that my days aren’t filled with me slaving away to impress the new work peeps with my hard core dedication.

So, until next time…

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