The Good Stuff

I don’t have the guts or the misguided enthusiasm anymore to call it research, so I’ll level with you and call a spade a spade. During my, now, very regular bouts of procrastination I tend to stumble upon more blogs than my poor humanoid brain should ever have to try to comprehend in one sitting. During one of these… let’s go with lapses, I discovered an amazing blogger, writer, … Continue reading The Good Stuff

La Première (The First)

Starting anything is usually both equally daunting and exciting all at once. So why would I, ever in a million years, assume that blogging would be any different? I used to actively blog in my dramatic pre-teen and even more melodramatic teen years, when I thought everything I said, did, and even, well, thought was the height of importance. Then, later, when I was forced into accepting … Continue reading La Première (The First)